Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Magnesia Spring Canyon


With Dead Indian Canyon open until the end of December I figured I'd go and try Magnesia Spring Canyon and hike up to Magnesia Falls if it, too, was open. It is.

This hike starts near the intersection of Mirage Road and Mirage Road in Rancho Mirage. Seriously.

The hike used to be nicer years ago when you could hike up from the top of Magnesia Falls Drive. Of course, you could also go in the spring when there was the possibility of water coming over the falls but those days are long gone. Now you walk up near a flood control ditch until you get to this sign with the rules of the canyon.

At the base of the first dry fall you get to climb is this little faux oasis. This was built to make a water guzzler seem more natural. It must be working because I saw more sheep droppings here than any other place I've been this year.

The second dry fall is about thirty feet tall but is not too difficult to climb. It looks intimidating at first glance but isn't that hard.

At the top of the fall is another guzzler which is a popular watering hole.

From the top of the fall you can look back at the interesting geology of the canyon wall. I've always thought this twisted wall of rock reminded me of a finger print.

There are lots of other little falls that make this a very fun canyon to hike in.

There a good size oasis on the left of the canyon and it's tempting to go left into this canyon but if you wait until the next oasis on the left that one will lead you to Magnesia Falls.

This is where you want to go left to get to Magnesia Falls. Sometimes there's water running down this section but it's doubtful there will be any before the end of the year.

This is Magnesia Falls. It is probably forty feet tall and is completely dry. During wet years this fall flows liberally and a pool forms at the bottom. This will be the end of today's hike but I plan to come back to this canyon several more times between now and January 1. There's another larger fall beyond this one, a mine and possibly an Indian Trail leading from Magnesia Spring so I have plenty of places to explore. There are also abundant side canyons that may be interesting. I only wish I could do it in the spring when the chance of finding water here is more probable.

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Tatsuya Isozumi said...

I was tried to conquer this trail by myself in 2008. But it seems like I went to the right at the second oasis. I was comparing your photos with mine and I was able to figure out.

Very nice blog pages!! I really like it! I am glad to find your blog. It is so awesome for you to create this whole hiking diary and photos of all the trails in and near Palm Springs. I bookmarked your pages! Thanks for sharing!