Sunday, October 18, 2009

Art Smith Trail Loop


A couple of days ago I went out intending to hike the Art Smith Trail but upon finding Dead Indian Canyon open decided to go there instead. Today I made good on my intent to hike the Art Smith and rather than just hike it as an out and back I hiked up the new Art Smith and then came down the original Art Smith. I'd never done this before so the novelty and the absolutely perfect weather made this a very pleasant little outing.

The sun is already down when I start hiking and the air still. It's perfect.

Today I take the trail instead of following the wash.

On the trail this Giant Swallowtail Butterfly rests on a Catclaw Acacia. It looks like some bird or bat swallowed part of this one's tail.

Higher on the trail I see that the desecration of the desert mountains continues. The only thing that makes me madder than closure of trails is that building up in the mountains continues unabated even as they close hiking areas. Money talks.

The other day I noted that the Dead Indian Palms Oasis used to have running water but in recent years has been dry. I wonder where all the water went to?

I hike around and get to the Schey Trail. This is but one of many trails Mr. Schey built in the area. They all have the same name, too.

On the right, just after this trail junction I take a little trail that leads me to the original Art Smith Trail which I will take back down.

The original sign painted by Mr. Schey just so there's no mistake as to who built this trail.

The trail down to Dead Indian Canyon hasn't been maintained in years but it's still there.

Although it is certainly eroded in a few areas.

Between the new and the old Art Smith I really prefer the old trail. On the old trail you get to hike further up the canyon before you start gaining elevation, you don't have to hike near the abomination of hillside development and the sign is WAY better. Too bad it's only open three months out of the year.

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Nappy Boy said...

Sadly, and confusingly, the Schey Trail is not shown on any map or in any guide that I have found. Does anyone have additional info? If so, we ought to work to get Schey's trail posted.