Monday, October 12, 2009

Everything Is Broken


I'm a big Bob Dylan fan, the wife is not. There is one song, however, that she just loves: Everything Is Broken. Some days it seems like it's our theme song.

We'll get something new and it gets scratched the first day. Everything Is Broken

An appliance we've had for years suddenly goes on the fritz without warning. Everything Is Broken

While getting ready for a big event it's inevitable something will happen like a shoelace will break, a seam will split or the car won't start. Everything Is Broken.

I've been on an Everything Is Broken cycle for a week.

First, my camera broke. Don't know why, it just quit working. Lens error, it says

Then, my knee started hurting. No reason except old age, I guess.

Yesterday, our home office computer quit working. Hard drive failure. I tried a few tricks to repair the disc but it's dust. I put the original hard drive back in and it works fine. The only problem is the original HD is 160GB and the drive that failed is 500GB. It's a good thing I have a back up. I just hope it's not broken.

Since my knee is still sore--but much better--I'm not going to do anything too challenging this week. I can't risk it. Too many things have been going bad lately. Last night the wife even had a bad dream about me. It's like someone gave me the malocchio.

I went over toward the trails near my house and when I went to take my first picture the camera failed. Change your batteries, it says. Of course they are. I have a back up there, too and whip out the iPhone.

There is not a good flat trail I can hike around here that will allow me to rest my knee so I have to take what I've got. See any flat spots, Kahlua? No. I'm not surprised.

At least the weather is perfect. A little cloud cover and 75ยบ.

If it's not broken, it's lost.

I don't know why people do this but there are at least seven cairns at this trail intersection. Seven! In my mind one is too many but seven? Once my knee gets better I'll be back for a little trail clean up here.

Even when things in life aren't going perfect, getting outdoors puts things in proper perspective. There's nothing broken out here.

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