Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bob Hope's Palm Springs Home Hike


Today the knee is much better but psychologically it's still tender. In other words, it feels good but I'm still thinking about it. I have no idea why it tweaked out on me but I have some big hikes planned for later this month so I'll be babying it until I know for sure that it's 100%.

Looking for an easy trail that's not covered with rocks brought me to the Araby Trail this afternoon. The Araby Trail is the trail that leads right up Bob Hope's home, the famous dome shaped house on the hills above Palm Springs. If you've never done this trail, it is easy to get to. Just drive on Highway 111 (East Palm Canyon) to Southridge Road. Turn onto this road and take an immediate right. Park here in the obvious parking area on the dirt. Walk up Southridge Road less than 100 feet and the trail will be on the left.

Dogs are allowed on this trail! Kahlua will be thrilled.

The trail has some incline but nothing major and it is not covered with rocks. Perfect.

I love the amount of wildlife you can see on any given day in the desert. A hawk swoops across the sky looking for one last morsel before bedtime.

A halo is draped above Mount San Jacinto. Even the mountains will be rooting for the Angels in the ALCS.

The Hope Dome comes into view part way up the trail. It is the most recognizable house in the Palm Springs area and one of the most in Southern California.

While it is storming elsewhere in the Southland, here in Palm Springs we are just gifted with a few beautiful clouds.

The trail goes within a few hundred feet of the house. I've always wondered why they kept all these tanks out here uncovered. It really detracts from the whole allure of this property.

This pile of rocks is better looking than those tanks behind the Hope place.

I can't complain about the view, though. The weather up here is perfect, as well, as clouds blow in through the Pass.

As darkness begins to fall I head down to really test the knee. It passes with flying colors.

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