Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Road to Recovery


The knee feels better today; there's no pain at all. I have no idea what went wrong with it and I'm sure as I get older I'll encounter more unexplainable aches and pains. Of course, the knee is of utmost importance for a hiker. If it were my hand or shoulder or neck it wouldn't have mattered as much. I don't mess around when it comes to my knees.

Still keeping it simple due to the knee I went over to the Art Smith Trail. However, it seemed like it was a bit busy so I decided to go across the street to the Visitor's Center Trail.

Since they lock up the parking lot for the Visitor's Center it would be nice to have a little trail from the Art Smith Trailhead.

It's almost there but just needs a little work.

Of course, I think they should update the map first. This trail map doesn't show the already bankrupt Stone Eagle Golf Course.

It looks like the most recent users of this trail were mountain bikers. It actually looks like mountain bikes have been the only recent users.

I wouldn't be happy mountain biking because with the luck I've been having lately I would probably fall on this.

They still haven't finished with all the little signs along this trail. I don't know how long it takes a government agency to put up a dozen signs but this project has been going on for at least six months.

I get to the top of the trail and am tempted to head up to the top of this hill to enjoy the view but I decide to head down instead.

I've got the whole way to head down and not a lot of time to get there because I didn't bring a flashlight.

Good call. I make it just in time.

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