Monday, October 5, 2009

Beyond The Quarry


I'm tired and sore today. Not because of my hike yesterday or work. On my way home from hiking I stopped off at the park for a little football with my teenage son and some of his buddies. One of the kid's dads and I taught the youngsters a football lesson but it's been a long time since I sprinted and hiking doesn't really prepare you for that. Last night I could hardly walk and my back was killing me but thanks to modern pharmaceuticals and a hot, hot shower I'm feeling better today. And this afternoon's hike also helped.

I pulled behind the Quarry Golf Club to explore a little canyon that I saw on a hike earlier this year. Instead of hiking to its flank I will go up from the bottom of the canyon.

There's a little trail that passes south of the country club and heads to the canyons beyond.

Kahlua is wondering why I'm moving just a little slower than usual today.

This is the canyon I'm looking for. There are about 20,000 little no name canyons in the Santa Rosas and all of them have the potential of holding something interesting.

This canyon has seen a lot of erosion. The water that comes down here must be incredible considering the size of some of the rocks that have been washed down this canyon.

The side of the canyon has lots of interesting geology; too bad I haven't had a class in geology in about 30 years. I think this to the left is composite or something.

Some of the erosion has given Kahlua little places to play. There are some nice animal beds out here but no sign of any critters.

There's nothing like a little hike to eliminate a little post football soreness. I feel much better now than when I started.

But even though Kahlua wants to keep going we've got to get back because it's the wife's birthday and we've got to go help her eat some ice cream. Happy 29th, honey!

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