Saturday, June 20, 2015

Favorite Hike Number THREE

This was my longest hikes of the year and one of my longest hikes ever.  Snow Creek Village to the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway via the PCT in one day!  I've climbed Snow Creek several times but it had always been via Snow Creek itself.  This was the first time I'd ever gone up the PCT all the way to Fuller Ridge.  I don't think it'll be my last although I have to admit I haven't done it again yet.  Maybe this fall once it cools down.  Maybe.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Favorite Hikes Number FOUR

San Gorgonio is the tallest mountain in Southern California.  It's wilderness encompasses almost 95,000 acres and there are numerous trails leading to its summit.  I chose to do a loop on this day and enjoyed perfect weather and, except on the summit, saw very few people.  When the crazy rat race in Southern California seems to robbing one's soul, it's a great place to escape to.

Mount San Gorgonio

Update: The area included in this hike is being decimated by the Lake Fire, which started June 17, 2015.  At this point the fire has burned over 15,000 acres and significant portions of the area I went to during this hike.  Sadly, this area will take years to recover.  It is heartbreaking to any hiker who has been in this area and those who had yet to enjoy it.

The Lake Fire

Favorite Hikes Number FIVE

I love hiking in the Sierras.  How can you not?  The scenery is breathtaking, the weather is fairly predictable and you can enjoy a nice stroll around and alpine lake or a death-defying adventure up a 14 Thousand foot peak on pristine granite.  It's a place you can get lost in and never want to be found.

I only took one trip to the Eastern Sierras this year.  I did Tahoe, Yosemite and Sequoia but the East Side is where the big peaks are and has quick access to the high country.  I can never go there enough.

Here's my number  five favorite hike of the year.

Favorite Hikes Number SIX

Lake Tahoe is one of my family's favorite places to spend a vacation.  The summer weather is perfect.  Warm days and cool nights are a welcome respite from the summer heat we deal with at home.  The lake and surrounding mountains never cease to captivate.  Although I'm sure the local teenagers sit around complaining that they're bored, there's so much to do there—hiking, boating, mountain biking, rafting—that we never have enough time to get it all in.  Then, there are the buffets.  I have to hike every day I'm there just to make sure I don't put on 20 lbs. in the week I usually stay there.

Mount Tallac is my favorite hike in the Tahoe area.  Start early in the day and watch the sun rise over the lake and make sure you're down early because thunderstorms are frequent and can be deadly.  Get caught in one and you'll make sure it never happens again.  Getting down early also ensures that you can hit the buffet before the lines get too long.