Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ramon Canyon, Palm Desert


This afternoon was sunny, wonderful, perfect. It was one of those days that any hike I did would be delightful, even if it were not to a great place. That was a good thing, too, because my destination was only OK. It was another of those rock filled canyons that the desert is full of but with nothing to make it really stand out. It didn't matter, though. I could have gone hiking across the Walmart parking lot and enjoyed it. Maybe I'll save that for tomorrow.

My hike started on the trail that leads up to the Palm Desert Cross.

This new palm frond shade structure is a welcome addition although the last one was torched by some pyro. Hopefully, this one will last.

Climbing the trail I take a left at the first junction.

Then I take a right.

I follow the trail along the fence line near the bankrupt Stone Eagle Golf Club. There is a great trail that leaves to the right and climbs the mountain but today I'm sticking to the fence.

It's a good thing we have a fence here to keep those golfer types out of the hills. They've already done enough damage by the mere existence of their golf course.

You follow the fence until you get to the first major canyon on the right. This is Ramon Canyon; it's on the topo map.

The canyon is full of loose rocks, cacti, cat's claw and other assorted plants that inflict pain upon humans. As I make my way up the canyon I keep expecting to come upon a rattler, cougar or angry Bighorn Ram. Lucky for them, none appear.

Around every corner I keep expecting to come upon a palm oasis with no luck. Unlike most of the other named canyons in the area this one has no spring or water. Maybe that's why no trail leads into this canyon. Neither animals nor Indians would have any reason to come here.

And, honestly, neither do I except that it's a beautiful day, great to be outdoors.

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darlene said...

your such a comedian! very funny posts today. one more time, and then i will leave it alone forever.... get out to mission creek preserve! excellent hiking and scenery. was there today... it was perfect!