Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Buddy System


After a number of hikes to new places, I did a little hike close to home this afternoon. I needed a rest. Also, Kahlua has been mad at me because I hadn't taken her in about a week so I had to go somewhere that I could take her along.

We went out to the top of the cove here in La Quinta. It's nice to be back home sometimes.

This is Kahlua's favorite part of the hike: freedom.

Nik also came with us.

We headed out on the trail above the Bear Creek Wash. The trail looks like it's been seeing more traffic. Nice weather will do that.

We take a route, though, that isn't as popular as Bear Creek. Also, there are none of those No Dogs Allowed signs where we go.

But Nik is made for climbing so we take off up this sandy hillside.

The youngster gets the early lead but the old man shows him he's still got it and beats him to the top.

Of course, I didn't stop halfway up and start sliding down, either. Maybe I should have.

We stop at the top to catch our breath and Nik leads the way down.

After we empty the sand out of our shoes, we have fun running down the sand. Nik says it's like skiing. Hmm. That's odd. He's never been but maybe this winter I'll have to take him. If he likes climbing, he's gonna love skiing. I will, too. It'll be nice having a chair lift take me to the top of a hill for a change.

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