Sunday, October 11, 2009

Knee To The Gut


Today was the toughest hike I've done all year. It wasn't long nor was the terrain particularly difficult but for some reason my knee was killing me and as I walked I was filled with trepidation and dread.

I have no idea what's wrong or how it happened. I did a fairly easy hike yesterday in Joshua Tree and then drove home. When I got out of the van my knee tightened up on me. I felt fine when straight and great when bent but moving it between those two positions brought a strange shot of pain on the inner part of my knee. I considered calling the doctor but it's the weekend so I figured I could wait and see if I could "walk it off". That appears to be working. My wife had a neoprene brace from her own ACL surgery and I've been using that and it helps. Until I know what's going on with the knee, my hikes will be on the easy side for the next few days, at least. I hope it doesn't bore you as much as it probably will me.

I went up to the top of the La Quinta Cove because it's not easy driving my Jeep so I didn't want to go very far and I think Kahlua is mad at me for not taking her for a few days. I was surprised by how many people, families, were out hiking today. I had to park further away than I ever have.

Due to the crowds I decided to stray from the normal path and head over to one of these little rifts in the catch water basin that leads up to some canyons.

This canyon is a little rocky but isn't too bad. At least not yet.

The canyon gets a little rockier and more chocked with vegetation. Time to move out of it.

Although this rocky section doesn't really look too much better. This isn't really the best terrain to be walking on with a bum knee. In the distance is the saddle I hiked up to just a few days ago. Today it seems like it's a million miles away.

I am always astonished by the erosion in these canyons. This wall is about thirty feet tall.

I get to this nice narrow section in the canyon and make this the turn around point. The knee is not really hurting but I don't want to push it. I've been walking with a bit of a limp and I know that'll affect my ankles, hips, back and shoulders. It'll probably bother my other knee, too. If I am able, I'll be getting down on my knees and praying that it's nothing serious.


neverwashasbeen said...

Get better soon, you still need to get out on the rocks with me.

Hal Summers said...

Yes, I do.