Monday, October 19, 2009

Hidden Palms Oasis Loop


The Hidden Palms Oasis is one of many oases along the San Andreas Fault on the northern end of the Coachella Valley. It can be reached via a well marked trail from 1000 Palm Canyon Road. That's not the way I chose to get there, however. I went on an old Indian Trail that I discovered earlier this year. I then came back the main trail making for a nice little loop hike.

From the obvious parking area on 1000 Palms Canyon Road, follow the trail until you get to the base of the hill. Then, instead of going up the trail, go left and follow the wash along the hillside.

Continue past a marked trail until you see two trails heading diagonally up the hill on the left. Take the higher of the two trails. The terrain here is loose and rocky so be careful.

When you get to the top you may have to look around a bit for the trail but it's there.

A good thing to look for are rock piles like this one. There are several rock monuments along this trail. Last time here I counted over forty.

From the trail you can look over and see Horseshoe Palms. That will not be my destination today but you can make a larger loop and include this oasis time permitting.

Hidden Palms is tucked into this little canyon with the Coachella Valley in the background.

The oasis is very large and healthy.

And apparently I'm not the only one who feels it's a nice place to visit this afternoon.

The wind is blowing as it often does over in 1000 Palms. It makes for very pleasant hiking and after all those 100+ degree days I suffered through this summer I am enjoying it.

The coyote is probably here looking for dinner. I saw a Jack Rabbit on the trail over but he was too fast for me to get a picture and I'd imagine too fast for the coyote as well. He may just have to settle for some of the Palm fruit that is in abundance.

The trail back is much more traveled than the trail I took to get here. The trail I used to reach the oasis didn't have any footprints on it while this one is like I-10.

Except for the steps, of course.

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