Friday, October 2, 2009

Evening Soul


More often than not I hike alone. I enjoy the solitude, the time to think, soaking in the beauty, serenity and strength of desert landscape. Sometimes, however, there are moments of such sublimity and grace that it's a shame that they cannot be shared with someone else, a person you love. Tonight was one of those nights. I am only sorry that my pictures cannot do it justice.

Sometimes it is the physical exertion that makes a hike enjoyable, while other times it is the scenery, tonight it was the temperature. Every cell of my skin soaked in the absolute perfection that surrounded it. The intense heat of summer has finally come to an end.

After yesterday's long hike, a short and flat hike to Willis Palms was just what I needed. Instead of hiking to the Palms themselves, though, I climbed the hill behind them from the backside up an old abandoned and eroded road that is now used as a trail.

The sun is setting as I get to the top of the hill.

A concrete slab rests where a homestead once stood.

And while no one now lives here, in some ways it feels like home, the place I belong at this moment.

The moon rises and brings its magical light.

As the last light of day falls on the hills in the distance and the moon kisses it goodnight I head home to those I love. My only wish is that they were here instead.


Till said...

Gorgeous, Hal - hope you didn't tell Kahlua she missed out (this time).

darlene said...

this day's pictures are some of the best ones yet! that black and white one is superb. good job.