Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Way You Look Tonight

Day Twenty Five

Today I had a choice.  I could wake up early and get a hike in before work or I could sleep in and wait until after work and hike in the dark.  Well, night time is the right time so I enjoyed my extra slumber this morning and took a little hike after dark.  

I've hiked at night many times but it usually was not be choice. Either environmental conditions called for it, i.e, climbing a mountain early in the morning when snow is consolidated, or I just finished later than hoped for.  This time it was purely by choice.

There are a few things I learned on this night hike that I'll use when I do more.
Oh good, the park is still open!

And the trail is open, too.  Sweet!

I learned you should do a hike you've done before when going night hiking.   I wander around a bit wondering if I'm off track.

I hit this sign and think I'm lost but I'm not.  It's just some more names of people I've never heard of.

I finally hit the actual trailhead and get on a real trail.

You've seen those beautiful night shots of city lights.  This is not one of them.  Another lesson learned.  When doing night photography, bring a tripod.  Maybe it would also help if I knew what I was doing.

This one is a little better.  Very little.

It might help if I had a destination in mind but I come to a fork in the trail and take it.

I've seen this before and maybe it'll be my next night destination.

The night hike was actually kinda fun and I look forward to doing another soon.  Maybe in two weeks when there's a FULL moon.  That's the last lesson I'll take from tonight.  If you're not hiking during a full moon, bring a BIG flashlight.

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Libby said...

This blog is great, very enjoyable and family friendly. You need to let the locals know about this. There must be others who hike in the Coachella Valley. Call the local paper, and write an article or visit a hiking club. Good Job!