Monday, January 12, 2009

I'll always know where they are!

January 12, 2009
Day Twelve

In the cult classic movie, Harold and Maude, Bud Cort (Harold) makes an arcade memento that reads, "Harold Loves Maude".  When he gives it to Ruth Gordon (Maude) she reads it, replies, "And Maude Loves Harold" and proceeds to throw it into the water of the bay they are sitting near.  Harold, aghast, asks Maude why she did that.  She tells him, "Now I'll always know where it is."

That is how I feel about my keys.  I will always know where they are.

Lost Key Hill
After I failed to find my keys, I had to go over to my sister's place to do a little tech support. On the way, I saw the sign for this trail in Rancho Mirage. I've never done this trail.  I soon find out why.

 Sounds promising: The Bighorn Overlook Trail.  Impressive.
At the top the view is less than impressive.  You have a wonderful view of Rancho Mirage's finest trailer park.  Since Rancho Mirage is known as the "Playground of Presidents" I have to wonder which President vacationed here.  I wonder if Jimmy Carter's brother Billy had a vacation home here.
Someone decided it was a good idea to build a little shade structure up here and someone else a little ring of rocks.  I think I now have a new least favorite hike in the desert.
The most impressive view is that of the empty Ritz Carlton Hotel.  Behind the hotel are Apache Peak, Antsell Rock and Southwell Peak.  This way off view of the San Jacinto Mountains is about the only thing to recommend on this hike.  I guess it would be nice for toddlers or grandmas with low expectations.

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