Saturday, January 10, 2009

Grump and Whine

January 10, 2009
Day Ten
The most popular trail in our area is called Bump and Grind.  It's hardly a trail but more of an old road that climbs the side of a mountain from Rancho Mirage and Palm Desert.  I don't really know why it's popular because it's not a pretty trail and the views are only OK.  Maybe it's the accessibility.  It's easy to get to.  For a lot of neighbors, that has been a problem.

As the trail gained in popularity amongst those looking for an outdoor Stairmaster and not requiring solitude or scenery for their hiking pleasure, the residents in the area started noticing trash left on the street, noisy hikers coming all hours day and night and lots of traffic.  They didn't like it, complained to the city and the city listened.  The city worked with Palm Desert to create a new trailhead--actually several new trailheads--and then built a fence to keep hikers away from the old one.  You should have heard the griping and crying.  If the whiners paid any attention, they would notice that the new trails are far superior to the old road but it doesn't matter.   They are still crying about it.  It's just one reason I hate this trail.

So why hike it?  My son had to do it for a PE assignment so I took him.  There's really not a lot to see, at least as far as the trail goes, but there are always a lot of women in shorts on this trail.

This is the new start of the trail.  I guess no ugly women are permitted to hike here.

As we climb up the trail, we are greeted with this beautiful view of the rooftop of Target and Sports Authority, Circuit City and Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Breathtaking!

Now this is what I call a TRAIL.  Oh wait.  It's really a road.  I wish I could bring my Jeep up here.

The view from a little higher looks down upon the road, I mean, trail.  Isn't it beautiful?

Finally, I get to a real trail and decide the abandon the road before getting to the top.  Besides, my boys already bailed on me and  followed a bunch of girls in shorts back down the other way.
I really don't care if I ever come back and hike this "trail" again.  However, my boys, especially my 13 year old, are really looking forward to it for some reason.  I can't quite figure out why.

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