Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Much Obliged

Day Twenty Eight

Back in 1980, Monty Python put out an album called the "Contractual Obligation Album", which was exactly that.  Their contract was up with their record label and they had to put out something.  Oddly enough, this album had a couple of controversies associated with it and it became somewhat of a collectible, making it more valuable than any other album they did.  It's funny how things like that turn out.

Today I was doing my "Contractual Obligation Hike".  I have to hike at least 30 minutes every day to fulfill my ideal of hiking every day.  Thirty minutes was all I had today because of a sick kid at home and the need to get to work on time.

I initially thought I would climb this gully by my house but then thought the better of it.  Even when I was in the best of shape it took me 20 minutes to reach the top.  I knew I could never be up and down in 30.

So I went hiking along the Bear Creek Channel and discovered this trail.  It's less than three blocks from my house and I never knew it.

It crosses the road up by the old water tower location.

And it keeps going

And keeps going

And keeps going

And keeps going.

I get to this place and kind of lose it.  It goes somewhere up this bank but my alarm goes off and I'm out of time.  I have to get back.

So what was just a little hike to fulfill my obligation to myself became a hike of discovery and yet another place I have to go back to in order to finish what I started.  I have no idea where that trail ends and I won't be happy until I know.  

I'm looking forward to the day when my only obligation will be finding where this new trail leads.

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