Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thanks for the memories!

Day Twenty One
This week is Classic week; the Bob Hope Classic golf tournament is in town.  It's a big week in the desert and the official kick off of the "season".  Because of this I decided to hike up to the Hope House, the most famous home in Palm Springs.  This home is up on a hillside above Palm Springs and the closest most people ever get to is Hwy 111.  Well, there's a trail that goes right near it called the Araby Trail and it not only gets you very close to the Hope House, it also offers very nice views of Palm Springs and the San Jacinto Mountains. 

Here's the Hope House viewed from Hwy 111

The Araby Trail takes off from Southridge Drive in Palm Springs.

At the beginning of your hike you get to hike by this illustrious trailer park.

Not only do they tell you there's No Trespassing, they also give you the number of the Palm Springs Police so you can report yourself.

Note the trail on the hillside to the left of the Bob Hope House.

Here's view from right behind the house. You'd think they could have found a better place for the water tank.

Here's a view a bit higher up.

The Araby Trail is a pretty fun hike and connects with several trails higher up giving opportunities for several possible longer hikes.  

More info on the Hope House can be found here.

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