Friday, January 30, 2009

Gated Canyon

Day Thirty

The desert is riddled with Indian trails.  The majority of trails we currently hike on were once Indian trails and there are many others as well.  Today I went out to hike on one of them. There was only one problem.  They built a gated community in front of it and I need to figure a way to get to it. 
The canyon really isn't hidden except behind a gate.  The real hidden canyon is in Indian Wells behind yet another gated community.

I leave from the parking lot of Saint Francis of Assisi Church.  I make sure my keys are WELL secured.

I hike over a few big sand dunes which are starting to green up with plants.

I get to where I'd hoped to round a corner to get to where I want to go and find a wall.  It's a short wall and I could surely hop it but I know someone who lives here (a community next to "Hidden Canyon") so I'll try that avenue first.  Besides, I ate a big breakfast and I don't want really want to run if security comes after me.

I could climb up over these rocks but don't want to die today so I am going home short of my ultimate goal.....again.

On the way back I notice this rock out about 150 feet from the mountain.  That thing had to come down with a lot of speed in order to get this far out here.  It reinforces my not climbing the rocks today.  That rock would be me.

Flowers are starting to blossom on the dunes.

Sand Verbena just beginning to bloom

I notice this little cave and decide to hike up to it. I'm sure I'm about the 843, 000th person to do so but I just can't help it.  Who knows what treasures await?

Just what I suspected: No gold, Indian artifacts or other valuables,  just rat shit and someone's old chonies.  

For me, hiking is about the experience and not necessarily the destination but just once I'd like to get to where I plan to go.

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msugarpants said...

looks like you found my geocache!