Thursday, January 29, 2009

Not Quite Threading the Needle

Day Twenty Nine

A day off to go hiking; what a treat!  I decide to go hiking in the Indian Canyons and head up the West Fork Trail to the Needle's Eye.  I had been there years ago and wanted to go back.  Since this involves some rock hopping I mentioned to my wife that it would be nice if I had another person just in case I fell on my head and needed assistance getting out.  Well, my wife tells some gal from her work and volunteers me to take her along.  Great. 

I've hiked with lots of people but I've always been lucky enough to choose them myself.  Now I have to wonder what kind of woman my wife is going to choose to send along with me?  I'm picturing the wife of the caveman in the Geico commercials or reject from "The Biggest Loser".  As it turns out, the gal she sends along, Darlene, is cute, thin, funny and a great hiker.  I couldn't have picked a better hiking partner myself.  My wife is so cool.

The trail sign for the West Fork Trail, just off Palm Canyon.

We head up the hill over a series of switchbacks and look over Palm Canyon.

Looking down over the Trading Post

There are many cacti along the way, like these jumping cholla.

A hedgehog cactus.

A nice little red barrel growing from the rocks.

We take a little cross country journey over to Indian Spring with a few palms.  

And then hike by Dos Palmas.  Now, my Spanish is not great but I think Cuatro Palmas would be more appropriate.
Like a dummy I don't bring the map because I'd been here but that was long ago.  There's a new trail and the old one to Needle's Eye no longer exists.  Is it down there?
 Or maybe down here?  After boasting about my innate sense of direction, I take the wrong path and we end up walking about a mile and half past it.

We cruise up the Jo Pond Trail a ways and find it a bit overgrown in sections.  Next trip I'll bring a MAP and loppers.

Looking right up at the Palisades, I know we've gone too far.  But my motto is: "You can never be lost when you're on an adventure" so I don't care.  I don't know if Darlene shares my enthusiasm for the unknown.

We head back to the trail junction and hike down to the creek for lunch.

A perfect spot for a snack.

We hike up the other side of the creek to see this rock art panel before heading back.   

The Needle's Eye will have to wait for another day.

All in all it was great day hiking and I look forward to going back soon with a map, some loppers and whoever else my wife wants to send along.  I just hope I can get back before it gets hot.

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msugarpants said...

wow. that is a great panel! I did not see this when i was there. a good reason to go back!