Sunday, January 4, 2009

Minimum Day

January 4, 2009
Day Four

Today I worked all day and it was crazy.  We are undergoing a couple of major renovation projects and it's a mess.  Everything is out of place and doing even the smallest thing is a major undertaking. 

I'm so glad I went on a hike this morning before work. The peace of mind one gets from even a short little walk in the wild is transformative to a person's attitude.

This morning  I went for a hike up to an area where our town's water supply used to come from. It hasn't been there for years but the remnants of the road and some of the old pipes are still there.  You can see the pipes on the left.

A couple of doves enjoy the morning with me.
A peaceful city sleeps below.

Even though this morning's hike lasted only 32 minutes--just over my minimum time for a hike--the peacefulness of it lasted all day and helped me deal with the chaos we had at work.  I can't think of any better way to start a day.

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