Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fun In The Rain and Snow


My kids are like any Southern California kids; they love to go to the snow. Since I went on Monday I figured it would be fun to take the boys and some friends up to Idyllwild for a little snow play. There was only one problem. While there was plenty of snow on the ground, it was raining all the way up to Humber Park.

The temperature at Humber Park was 36ยบ, just above freezing. I can't think of more miserable conditions for a hike or snow play. I leave the kids to play in the snow for a bit as I head up the Devil's Slide Trail.

On this day, the wilderness is particularly wild. Without proper gear and clothing, hypothermia would set in quickly. Being cold is one thing but being cold and wet is death waiting to happen. It would be better if it were colder and snowing.

I come upon some snow that I know not to eat.

I continue up the trail but head back before going very far. I'm prepared with layers and a waterproof shell but I'm worried about the kids. Most of them are wearing cotton sweatshirts. They are going to be cold when I get back.

They're smiling because I've got the heater in the van going full blast and they're looking forward to having a sauna like ride home.

Worried that I didn't really fulfill my hiking requirement for the day, I went out with Kahlua at night just to be sure. I felt bad that I didn't take her to the snow and had to make it up to her.

There's a slight rain falling but it feels nice compared to the weather earlier today. Next time I go up to the snow I'll either wait until it's actually snowing or go alone.

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darlene said...

have you done the guadalupe trail yet? do you have January 1st circled in red on your calendar?! you are sooooo close. omg.