Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tanked Up


Rain is rare in the desert and water sources were important to the Cahuilla Indians. Trails criss cross the desert between springs and other various watering holes. If there's a spot where water is available you can bet the Indians knew about it. Not only would it be used for water but they could stake out an area in order to hunt animals coming for water.

Today I went out to a spot just off the Morrow Trail to see if any water might remain after our rains on Monday. I had some camera issues--cameras don't like me--so I don't have a full assortment of pictures but I do have some. I've done most of this hike before anyway so it shouldn't matter.

I start out at the top of the cove in La Quinta and head out to the trail that goes over to Lake Cahuilla.

The ground out here is still wet so I think there's a good chance I might find some water.

I hike the trail and then head cross country near its highest point. I find a section that's in a steep canyon and some precious water.

There are two holes that hold water. This is the other one.

The surprising thing is that this huge hole doesn't have any water.

The canyon ends at this dry waterfall that I'm sure was running nicely on Monday. I'll have to remember this next time it rains.


Karl Joe said...

I'm really impressed at what you've been working on. I've been married for three months and haven't been on a hike since before I got married. How do you do it?

Hal Summers said...

Just wait until you've been married over twenty years like I have. Then your wife will be happy to get you out of the house.