Saturday, December 5, 2009

Los Rios Rancho at Oak Glen Preserve


I had to drive down to Ontario to pick up my mother at the airport so I figured I'd find some place to hike along the way. I don't really know any place to hike in the Ontario area but I when I was at the Mission Creek Preserve I read that they have a preserve in Oak Glen so this would give me an opportunity to check it out.

This preserve is like no other that I've ever seen. In fact, it's an old apple ranch and I drove right past it. There's a restaurant, a pie shop and a gift shop right at the trailhead. The BBQ smelled incredible but I was on a tight time schedule so I wasn't able to enjoy it this time.

There is a large very well used trail that heads out toward the apple orchard. I'm glad I brought a down vest with me today. The temperature when I start out is 44ยบ.

There's a good reason for this to be a wide and well traveled trail. Every year thousands of kids come here for a taste of the outdoors. It is a wonderful spot to bring the family.

This is the first time I've ever hiked in an apple orchard although I hope it will not be the last.

There are numerous little signs with quotes: Muir, Thoreau, Emerson, Shakespeare. It's a regular outdoor classroom.

There's a little side trail called the California Tree Trail (or something like that).

All along the trail are signs identifying different trees.

The trees are all big.

There's a nice little pond; actually, there are two ponds but this one's the nicer of the two.

Despite the chilly fall weather, there are plenty of families out for a little Saturday afternoon stroll in the woods.

Toward the end of the path, there's a nice boardwalk that goes through some berry bushes.

There are more signs showing all the various plants and trees along the path.

Earlier in the fall, you can actually go out into the orchard and pick apples but I'm here just a bit too late in the year for that. I'll remember next year to bring the wife and kids because I know they'd love this place.

The Oak Glen Preserve is a wonderful little spot that's less than an hour away from the Palm Springs area and is a nice outing for the entire family. It's free but you're welcome to donate. I'm looking forward to coming back when I have a little more time. Plus, in the future, they plan to have a trail with a 3700 foot gain up to Wilshire Peak. Now that'll really give me something to look forward to.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the info. My friends and I plan on driving the 1 hour trip from the Palm Springs/Indio area for a bit of hiking. It sounds great...

David said...

Nice pictures! I did this hike last year, greatly enjoyed it. An overlooked little gem.

Skyhiker said...

Not worth driving specifically for the hike, but it's a nice addition--a chance to stretch your legs after the drive and before heading back. As a plus, I happen to think Los Rios has the BEST apple pie in Oak Glen, so I stop there every time I get the chance, anyway. :D

I was last there in late November. Snow dusted the hills above Oak Glen. Fallen leaves were so thick on the boardwalk that they had that trail closed. It was gorgeous. But because I came for the pie and not to hike, I stupidly didn't bring a camera!

Hal Summers said...

I would agree that the hike is not the most exciting one I took all year but the overall experience was wonderful and worth the effort to get there. The hike is only a small part of it. Plus, on many evenings they have live music.

Gramma Lola said...

Our family went there a couple of years ago, when the apple blossoms were a bit late for the festival. We all had fun trooping around ~ my 10 grandchildren and their parents, except for a couple of busy dads.Of course, photos were taken, since the 'daughters' are all great photographers! We're returning this weekend for a family outing & remembrance of one who's gone on to the Lord's calling.