Friday, December 11, 2009

Put On A Happy Face


Today I wanted to go and hike an Indian Trail that I discovered this summer that goes from the southern section of the Boo Hoff Trail down toward the Martinez Landslide. I got out there and an equestrian was out exploring the area exactly where I wanted to go and, not wanting to walk through horse manure, I decided to go elsewhere.

Instead of hiking the Indian Trail to the landslide area I just head out across the open desert.

I don't head straight over to the landslide but instead go up a little ridge to the west. On the ridge I see a surveying stake and wonder what it's for.

I think it could be a wilderness marker but right near it I see this little hole and wonder if it's some Indian roasting pit or something.

Hiking along the ridge, I find several more little holes just like the first one I saw.

Some are even surrounded by rocks but I've no idea exactly what they are or why they're here.

I drop down the into the large wash between the ridge and the landslide and head over toward the base of the landslide to see what I might find over there.

There's a small area that has been used to grind some seeds.

There's a little canyon but it yields nothing interesting.

There are so many great, big, cool rocks in this area I'd love to spend more time here until I am able to cover the whole thing.

This rock looks like it got karate chopped by a giant.

Here's another rock with some rubbing spots on the top. I didn't find the trail I was looking for but I did find some other things of interest, just like I always do out here.

There's so much out here to discover that it always puts a smile on your face.

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Karl Joe said...

It looks like you had a good day exploring. I'd like to know what the holes are if you ever get around to figuring out what they are. I just recently moved to the Dallas area and haven't been hiking since I left NC. Keep up the posts though, I'm hiking vicariously through you, haha!