Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cougar Sighting


After the snow yesterday, the mountains were spectacular, majestic, awe-inspiring. I had to get to a spot today to where I could possibly get some pictures of them. There was only one problem: I didn't have much time. 1000 Palms area was out, too far away; likewise, Palm Springs. South Palm Desert wouldn't give me any views of the mountains nor would La Quinta. That left only one option: the notorious Bump and Grind Trail. It's boring but reliable.

I'm always amazed by the popularity of this trail but I have to say that there are times that it may be the best option around. Maybe 1% of the time, I'd say.

The rain did a little damage to the trail where they widened it unnecessarily earlier this year. That sure was a waste of money.

There is a significant amount of snow on all the surrounding mountains with the snow level down to around 4000 feet.

Other than the snow capped mountains, the one thing I notice on this trail--and I've noticed it before--is that the vast majority of hikers on this trail are middle aged women, cougars. If I were a younger guy looking for the ladies, this is were I'd be.

I don't know why this is the place they come to but they're here. Bump and Grind is such a lame name for a trail; the Cougar Trail I think sounds better and is more fitting. For most hikers, this is the only chance they'll ever get to see a cougar in the wild.

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Libby said...

Bump and Grind is a perfect name. What do you think Cougars do?