Wednesday, December 16, 2009

In Memory of Dillon Percy


Dillon Percy was my son, Harrison's, oldest friend. It could be said that he met Dillon before he was born because my wife and I met his parents at child birthing classes at Desert Hospital. Sadly, Dillon's life was cut short when he passed away on November 11th of last year. This week, when his mother sent us an email telling us that the Christian School of the Desert was doing a memorial hike to the Palm Desert Cross I really wanted to go. Unfortunately, they were going at a time I had to work so I decided to make my own sojourn in Dillon's honor.

The trailhead is a familiar site as I've been here several times this year.

This is a nice spot for a group hike because afterward there's a place for people to gather. There are not that many places around with nice facilities like these.

And I think more hikes should have drinking fountains along the route. This is only one of two that I know of that do.

This shrine along the trail has grown by a couple of rocks since the last time I was here. I'm sure the cross probably started out small, too.

With the lights on during the day the cross stands out even more against the sky today.

I make a little cross with the rocks at the base of the cross in honor of Dillon. He was a very special young man, one who touched our hearts in his short time on this earth and who is greatly missed by all who knew him.


Anonymous said...

What a nice tribute to Dillon. Right after Dillon passed I did the cross hike at sunrise and found it not only spiritual, but healing. His short life reminds me everyday to be thankful for every minute we are graced with.

Jennifer Huether

Missy said...

My little group "The Hikettes go to the cross often and the next time we go I will make sure the memorial is in place for Dillon! I enjoy your Blog very much and get a lot of hike ideas an inspiration from it.
Hope we meet on a trail!

Thank you
Missy Manning