Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bear Creek Ridge


Yesterday when I hiked up the Boo Hoff Trail I looked and saw what seemed to be a trail on another ridge. The location would be a good place for a trail, above the Bear Creek drainage. It would be a good spot for a trail because there is a palm oasis in Bear Creek but accessing it requires a difficult climb up the creek bed. Going up a ridge would much easier.

When I leave the wind is gusting. I hate the wind. Give me rain, snow, heat or freezing cold. All those things are tolerable without the wind and unbearable with it.

At least the front that is causing this crazy wind is being held at bay. There would be no exploration possible if it were raining.

I get out to the entrance of Bear Creek Canyon-when was the last time any bears were here?-and find there is NO way a trail goes up from here.

However, it is possible to get up on the ridge a little further up canyon.

Does this look like a trail? It could be. Maybe. Sort of.

If it is, it quickly disintegrates into a rocky trail-less slope.

I get up the hill a bit but any sign of a trail is unapparent.

I get well above Bear Creek Canyon and a large dry fall that is a formidable obstacle to those going up the canyon. I know. I've done this whole canyon before.

Above the canyon is what could possibly be a trail climbing out of the canyon. I'd like to follow it further but the wind up here is horrendous. There are gusts exceeding 50 MPH and I have to squat in order not to be toppled over. I also need to get back before dark. I do not want to be up here after dark. With steep, loose, rocky slopes and deadly drop offs that is not a place I want to be without sufficient light. Even though I brought a headlamp, I plan on using it in the canyon and not up here. I didn't find what I was looking for but I found enough to make me want to come back...on a nice day with plenty of time and no wind.


Mark O'Brien said...

Have you done the entire canyon including technical portions?

Hal Summers said...

Actually, I have but it was back in the 80's. I went with two friends and we did an overnight trip and came out at Sugarloaf. That was before I knew the Guadalupe Trail existed. I'd probably been in the desert a couple years at that time. I have no done it since but it was a great trip.