Monday, December 7, 2009

Palm Spring Aerial Tram Snow Day


I work with a bunch of guys from Minnesota and they don't get the excitement Californians feel about going to the snow. They never want to see snow again. I, though, grew up less than five miles from the beach so snow is still holds a certain novelty to me. Whenever snow falls in the local mountains, I'm there.

The Tram really needs to get some ice scrapers for their cars. It's really tough to see out but I get the impression that there's plenty of snow today.

Getting out at the upper station I find that no one has decided to go out and test the elements. Do they know something that perhaps I don't?

As I make my way down the ramp, the snow is coming down hard and the wind is howling.

I don't have enough time to go too far so I just take a hike around Long Valley. The interpretive signs aren't going to do me much good today, though.

Crossing the stream won't be much of a problem but it's tough to follow the trail. I keep tripping on logs and rocks buried under the snow.

I think about heading over to the Desert View Trail but there's no point. Visibility is a couple hundred yards at most.

I make my way around to where on a normal day there would be a view of the desert below; that's not possible today. I decide to make my way back to the Tram because it's cold, with the wind chill it's about 0º.

I get about halfway up the ramp and am passed by a Bobcat coming down to clear the snow. Thanks for deciding to do that when I'm done.

Out of the wind it's a balmy 24º. I almost feel like taking my shirt off.

All the decorations are up and with the snow it really feels like the holidays. There's no need to dream of a White Christmas. Just head up to the Tram.

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