Monday, December 21, 2009

Boo Hoff Trail, La Quinta


The Boo Hoff Trail in La Quinta is the closest major trail to my house. I have actually walked to the trailhead from home but my time is limited these days so driving there gives me more time to enjoy it.

Starting at the trailhead, you follow the main rock lined road until you get to a split.

Instead of going to the right or the left continue straight toward the base of the the ridge seen to the right of the Palo Verde tree here.

Once you're past the rocks on the flood control berm, continue to walk toward the same ridge and you'll eventually find a trail. That trail will take you to that ridge, drop into the wash and then onto the Boo Hoff.

Once you are on the trail it is easy to follow. It climbs continually until you are well above your starting point.

Looking to the west I can see that snow covered peak of Mount San Jacinto and, through binoculars, what looks like a trail on a ridge above Bear Creek Canyon.

At the top point of the trail someone has built a campsite with a fire ring.

I don't know what they found to burn up here but you can't argue with the view.

I'll never understand, though, why people can bring up full bottles and cans but are somehow unable to remove the empties. They not only weigh less when empty but from here it's downhill.

It's a good thing that my pack is mostly empty. I'll get this trash out of here.

Someone also left some chonies up here but I'll leave those here for the wind to take care of. Civic responsibility only goes so far.

I won't make it back before dark but I brought my headlamp and I'll be good. I don't mind hiking in the dark; it's very peaceful and let's my mind focus on nothing more than my next step. I need that sometimes. In fact, I think we all probably do.

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Michael said...

Glad I found your blog. I am new to area and it's been a long time since I did any hiking. Look forward to checking out this area