Friday, December 4, 2009

Construction Ahead


After a few days on the road, it was time to do something close to home. I've been very vocal about the dearth of dog friendly hiking trails and the need for new ones, so I decided to head over to the area I think should become the Kahlua Trail.

The area at the top of the La Quinta Cove is incredibly popular with hikers so there is an increasing need for more trails.

There are some areas where trail work will be fairly easy.

Just by kicking rocks out of the way I managed to create over 15 feet of trail.

Of course, in some areas it won't be that easy.

This section will also be pretty easy and Kahlua gives this portion of the route her full approval.

But for every easy section is another that's will be quite a challenge.

But all the pieces fit together and I think this will one day be a nice trail for dogs and their people. Next year, I think I'll have the time to make it happen.

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brenda said...

Hal, another great story! AND you are so good to Kaluha. Thank you.