Sunday, August 9, 2009

Palm Desert Cross


I REALLY need a vacation. My trip to the Sierras reinforced that. Thankfully, I'll be leaving for Tahoe this weekend and making a stop at Yosemite along the way. All I have to do is live through this week without going bonkers. I hope I'm able to do it.

While the temperatures here in the desert haven't been too bad--less than 110ยบ--it's still too hot to go out for a good long hike during the day. That limits the choice of trails and that's another reason I need a vacation: I want to see some new terrain.

The trail to the Palm Desert Cross is good for a late summer afternoon because it is well shaded and it gains elevation fairly quickly offering nice views of Palm Desert below.

This is a view that to me never gets old. I love the outline of the cross against the sky.

Another view

If there's one nice thing about hiking in the desert in the summer it is the serenity. Kahlua and I had this entire trail to ourselves going up and back. It made for a very peaceful hike.

Even still, it'll be nice to see some new scenery. Hopefully, we won't have to be back here until the fall.

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TheBigGuy said...

Just walked the cross at 9:00pm it was great with family and friends. Had my daughter that's 1year and 7month on my shoulders. What a hike did it twice now.

They now have a new mail box up there for the pads of paper to write in, I thank you for who ever did that GOD BLESS YOU BROTHER OR SISTER


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