Thursday, August 20, 2009

Crossing The Rubicon, Part Two


After we left the Taylor Creek Visitor Area we went to the D. L. Bliss State Park to drop me off at the trailhead for the Rubicon Trail. Unlike the Forest Service area, parking at the State Park cost money, $8.00. Instead of paying the eight bucks the family dropped me off at the entrance and I walked down to the trailhead. There is a trailhead a bit further down but I'll forgo starting there and walk 3.6 miles instead of 5. Of course, three of the miles will be three rare undeveloped miles along the lake. While I am hiking along the shore my family will walk down to Vikingsholm where I'll meet them.

I get to the trailhead and start hiking. I'm sorry I missed the beginning section of the trail but that'll give me something to do next time I come up to Tahoe.

This first section of the trail is beautiful and I wish I'd brought my running clothing. We don't have too many running trails like this at home and it'd be fun to take advantage of it.

Of course it would be tough to keep my eyes on the trail and I'd probably biff it.

The trail drops down closer to the lake and I get to walk along this beautiful untouched section of the lake.

The water is clear and tempting but I didn't wear a swimsuit so I'll content myself with hiking.

I get to a place where the topo map I have shows the trail following around the peninsula near the water but I don't see it anywhere.

So I do a little cross country excursion to see if it still exists.

It looks like the trail is in need of a little maintenance.

Of course, I don't really need a trail anyway. If I just keep the water to my left I'll be heading the right direction.

After a little hiking on the non-existent trail I get to a little beach where somebody is having a little picnic. I don't want to interrupt to ask where the trail is so I just continue hiking.

It wouldn't matter anyway since they kayaked into this little sandy beach.

I finally get back on the trail and hike until I get to a campground area. It's odd because I don't remember seeing a road down to this campground.

And there's a good reason why. This is a boat-in only campground. It's got a nice pier and moorings for boats but no road. I'd love to stay here sometime, just as soon as I get a boat.

When I get to the Vikingsholm area I see Nikolas enjoying the water and some of the toys available for kids to use. He didn't let the fact that he wasn't wearing a swimsuit keep him from enjoying the water. When I was ten I'd be doing the same thing, too.

The Rubicon Trail is easy and offers a great opportunity to see an unspoiled part of Lake Tahoe that is only available to those who take the time to hike it. Just remember to wear a swimsuit.

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