Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Palm Springs Tramway Shangri-La


Having just returned from the Sierras I was not ready to go out and hike in the desert today so I went to the Tram. While the weather at home was well over 100º, at the Tram it was about 70º. My son, Nikolas came along with me so I wanted to take him up the the little valley known as Shangri-La.

The Tram will transport us from the heat to the paradise of the mountains.

Unlike down in the desert the sun is welcome up here. In the shade actually feels cold.

Nikolas wants to count the rings on this tree before we go. Sure, Nik. I'll see you on the way back....tomorrow.

Next, he finds a place to contemplate the most important matters in his life, like how to best annoy his brother and what is his favorite type of cookie.

Then, he finds a place where the rock has split along the vein.

And he shows me how it looked before it did.

We get to Shangri-La, a little paradise up at the Tram that is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the stillness of the mountain.

There's even a perfect rock to relax on.

On the way back to the Tram, Nikolas decides to do a little bouldering.

And then, he takes the quick way down.

Tomorrow it will be back to the desert to hike but today I coveted some more cool mountain air. It's not the Sierras but Shangri-La is a wonderful little hidden paradise for rest and reflection.

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