Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Family Hiking and Rafting at Lake Tahoe


Today the wife booked us on a rafting trip on the Truckee River and so the family had to go hiking with me on the way to our adventure. After yesterday's run up Mount Tallac I am happy for an easy family type hike.

We go back to the Eagle Falls and Lake trailhead and this time I'm actually going to hike to Eagle Lake. The family will be coming along to the falls but probably not beyond that.

The trail is well maintained and very popular. Since the falls are only a 1 mile round trip a lot of people hike this trail. It is very popular with families.

We get to this heavy duty bridge where the falls are and ALL the family members decide to stay here. That's OK; I'm glad they made the effort.

I think they looked ahead and saw the steps going uphill. This was the toughest part, though. Once you're past this it's pretty much a breeze.

I enter the wilderness and notice there are lots of dogs on the all the trails in the Tahoe area. Kahlua would love it here.

I love the cool temperatures, the lush vegetation and the shade.

Of course, there are enough rocks around the remind me of some of the hikes at home.

But the abundance of water brings me back. There's NOTHING like this back home in the desert. While Eagle Lake is just a little lake it is a worthy hike and I wish the family would have come all the way up to see it. I'll make sure they do on our next visit.

I get to the bridge and find them still there. They'd explored around a little and decided to wait for me. How sweet of them! We head down the rest of the trail and are off to our rafting adventure.

There are some pictures of our rafting trip posted at: Truckee River Photos.

You have to enter the company we went with: Tributary Whitewater Tours
Then enter the date we went 19 August 2009. We were group 7.

Group ten wiped out going down this rapid and there pictures are pretty good.

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neverwashasbeen said...

What about the rafting?

Hal Summers said...

I'll add some info on how to view some of our rafting pictures. We didn't take a camera because we don't have one that's waterproof.