Thursday, August 20, 2009

Crossing the Rubicon, Part 1


After yesterday's family hike I was ready for something different and, to be honest, so were they. I came up with an idea that would give them something to do and I'd be able to take a bit longer hike. I had them drop me off at the D. L. Bliss State Park so I could hike the Rubicon Hiking Trail --not to be confused with the Rubicon Jeep Trail--along the shoreline of Lake Tahoe back to Emerald Bay. They'd hike down the Vikingsholm and meet me there.

But first we made a little stop along the way. We stopped at the Taylor Creek Visitor Center. The Visitor Center has a number of nature hikes that are well suited for families and we took the Rainbow Trail. Why they called it that I don't know but we didn't see any rainbows when we were there.

The trail starts with this nifty sign and the first part of it is paved. Oh, joy. You may be able to gather from my glee that this was not my idea.

The trail wanders by several interpretive signs and gets to a point where it overlooks the Taylor Creek Marsh. This area is different than any other I've seen in Tahoe. The diversity of landscapes here is amazing.

You follow a little boardwalk for part of the walk so as not to damage the fragile ecosystem of the marsh. Taylor Creek becomes more visible as you progress on the hike.

Harrison and Papa look out over the creek and wonder why we don't have any fishing gear. There are certainly fish to be had here but I don't now if that's what the Forest Service has in mind for this interpretive area.

As part of the hike there is a thing they call a "Stream Profile". Basically, it's an underground area with a big aquarium so you can see the fish through glass. There are also several educational exhibits in the underground chamber.

This is what a stream looks like from under the water. It reminds my of going to Bass Pro Shop only not as nice.

They do have nicer fish, though. Being a mountain guy I am partial to trout. I think it's a far more beautiful fish than bass. Bass are kind of bland looking, like the lakes they are generally caught in. Trout are beautiful, especially sauteed in olive oil with some almonds.

Next up we head over to the Rubicon Trail and leave me by the side of the road.

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