Monday, August 31, 2009

Fighting Shape


In sports, most of an athlete's time is spent training, very little is actually spent on the event itself. So it is with hiking. During the course of each month I tend to have one hike that qualifies as an event, a couple that could be called demonstrations and the rest would probably qualify as gym work. But since a lot of athletic competitions are won or lost during training it's important for me to do these every day, training hikes so I'll be ready when a big event comes along. Hopefully, that'll be later this month.

There's a bit of smoke in the air out here from the Yucaipa Fire although not too much. There's no smell of smoke or ash in the air so there won't be any health issues other than heat to deal with.

I head up a trail and find the beginning of a new trail. I really don't know the purpose of this new trail or where the creator intends for it to go but I'll keep an eye on it and check its progress.

Someone's also done some painting on the sign since I was last up this way. I like the look of the natural wood but the heat will destroy that in no time so it's important to cover it with paint or varnish.

Up on the hilltop is this Sphinx-like figure. One of these days I'll hike up there and check it out up close.

When the weather cools I'll head up to this pass and climb the peaks that surround them but today I'll be turning back well before I get there.

Of course, Kahlua wants to keep going but then she doesn't have to carry her water. I've got to get her a dog pack. I want her to get in fighting shape, too.

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darlene said...

hey, at least you're not the girl who took off jogging from DHS this morning at 7:30! she plans to RUN to morongo valley by the end of the day! did you see it on the local news?