Sunday, August 2, 2009

Little Cahuilla Mountain


Last week I went and climbed Cahuilla Mountain above Anza and today I went back to climb its little brother, Little Cahuilla. The mountain is only about a mile away from its bigger sibling but the two mountains are totally different. Cahuilla has large trees whereas LC only has bushes. The trail up Cahuilla is pretty well defined and well traveled while LC's isn't. I'd gladly climb Cahuilla again; it's an enjoyable hike. LC, not so much.

This is not a mountain but a mound of chaparral covered crap.

You get to a junction on the Jeep road that has signs for various off-road trails but not signage on the trail I'll be taking.

While there is no sign, this looks like the only hiking trail so I go this way.

I will say one thing about this peak. It has nice views looking toward San Jacinto and beyond.

The trail is surrounded with manzanita and ribbonwood, both plants whose main purpose is the shred the legs of humans. I'm wondering if I really need to go to the top.

I tramp along a few ridges and finally get to the place where I have only one bush covered climb left. I am seriously considering going back here but I tell myself, "Don't do a Palin". That's enough to push me up the final bit to the top.

I figure I've only got fifteen more minutes of following this trail. Yes, this is the trail.

A couple of vultures circle above me. Is there something they know that I don't?

Finally, I get to the top.

And I did it all for this. So I can sign my name on some list in this can. It's all been worth it. I just hope I don't come across any snakes on my way back.

I don't meet any snakes but I do spot some poison oak that I didn't see on the way up. I hope this doesn't come and bit me later.

I get back to my Jeep with only three lacerations on my legs so I feel like I did pretty well. I don't think I'll be climbing this mountain again but if I do I'll be sure to wear pants.

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