Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fits and Starts


Today was my day off so I planned on going to San Diego, going to the zoo and taking a nice, cool hike along the ocean. By the time I got ready to go I realized that my son, Nikolas, did not have his glasses. He needs them and we could not find his old or new pair. We looked all around, called the wife at work and had no luck. I'm not going to do a road trip and spend the day in the sun, jeopardize my son's eyesight so I can hike in cooler weather. No glasses, no trip.

We hung out at home instead and when the wife came home she found his glasses but by then it was too late. Oh well. Next option.

I figured the Tram would be good but no one else wanted to go and I was enjoying the day with the family so the time it would take to drive there, wait in line, hike and then drive back became an issue. On to option three.

Maybe I shouldn't say no one wanted to go. I should correct that and say no HUMAN wanted to go. Kahlua, the dog, always wants to go. Always.

So, off we went.

Palm Desert is a fairly good place to take here because they at least have a few trails where dogs are allowed. This one even has a new doggy duty kiosk.

Kahlua likes this trail a lot because it's not too steep and not too rocky. It'd be a good running trail and when the weather is not in the 100's anymore maybe we'll give it a try.

She also like getting up high where you get a nice view. A lot of trails where dogs can go don't give you that.

This trail offers a nice view looking down on the valley...

...or up toward the mountains.

And it's obvious that she and I aren't the only ones who think so.

I didn't get to go to either of my first choices today but when you've got a faithful hiking buddy and nice views it's hard to be disappointed. But next time.....

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