Sunday, August 23, 2009

Home Heat Home


Today I arrived back home and it was beautiful. I missed the profound beauty of the desert landscape but I noticed how many similarities my home has to the Lake Tahoe area.

Most days in Lake Tahoe during our visit the high temperature was about 75º. Most days this time of year the low temperature in the desert is about 75º.

Both areas are surrounded by incredible mountains.

The Coachella Valley is surrounded by several ranges including the Santa Rosas, the San Jacintos, the San Bernardinos and the Little San Bernardinos.

Lake Tahoe has the Sierras. I guess if you're only going to have one mountain range it's a pretty good one.


Both area have wonderful networks of trails. The Coachella Valley has over 1000 miles of hiking trails within an hour and thousands of square miles of open terrain for hiking.

Lake Tahoe doesn't have quite as much but its hiking isn't bad. At least in summer.


We have plenty of lakes in the Coachella Valley. In fact, there's even a community in Palm Desert called THE Lakes. Additionally, we have the largest lake in California just south of here, the Salton Sea. It's not as deep as Lake Tahoe but it's bigger.

The lakes in Tahoe are lovely but I wonder what these lakes look like in February.

There are loads of positive things about both the Coachella Valley and the Lake Tahoe area but there's only one place that I could ever undertake an endeavor like hiking every day and that's here. Lake Tahoe is a great place to visit but....

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