Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back To The Grind


I made a big mistake when I came back from my vacation and went straight back to work. No kicking back for a day at home for me. It's right back to it and, incredibly, we are busy in the middle of August. Not what one would expect at a desert resort but it's nice to have business.

This morning I thought about getting up early and hitting the trail before work but I knew I'd have time after work to go hiking so I decided to wait. Bad move. We got a delivery at work and I had to stay late and ended up hiking in the dark. Oh, well. I got some free Peet's Coffee out of it.

I got home after dark and put some new batteries in the headlamp and off I went. I've hiked at night many times but usually in the course of climbing a mountain or finishing a long adventure. It's a little more difficult when you don't have a clear objective.

I brought Kahlua along in case there were any chupacabras on the prowl tonight. They don't like dogs.

Things all look weird at night. I think this is an ancient site used for ritual sacrifices of virgins but upon closure examination it's just a campfire site with some rocks and beer cans. Of course these days beer is often used when people sacrifice their virginity.

Kahlua finds this sign strangely ironic.

There's about a half moon but not enough to dispense with the headlamp. Kahlua likes it without the headlamp because we can't read the signs that way.

One thing we take note of is this survey marker. I don't know why there's a survey marker on the edge of the National Monument unless they are going to reroute the trail beginning or perhaps even put up some better trail signs. Water fountains would also be a nice addition but nothing else. It'll be interesting to see what goes here.

We wander around in the dark for a bit longer enjoying the peaceful tranquility, the stars and the city lights.

I don't hike at night much except when it's a full moon or, like tonight, I'm forced to because of work but I might try it more often. This empty parking lot exemplifies the main advantage of an occasional late night ramble. There's no one else around.


Libby said...

Get with it, Hal Man! We need your posts! If you write, I may even click on those ads

Hal Summers said...

I just got back from vacation and went straight to work with no days off. Gimme some time!

BTW, thank you for supporting my advertisers. My wife appreciates it.