Monday, July 13, 2009

Where The Wild Things Are


Today I went with the boys and my father in law to the San Diego Wild Animal Park. While we did tons of walking--the Animal Park is a big place--I wouldn't exactly call it hiking.

We fed some animals.

We had a nice face to face with the King of Beasts. My kids decided to let the lion keep his moniker although after meeting them he could see why the name is fitting for them as well.

We thought Puumba had the right idea with this nap.

And we actually did do a little hiking there.

At least they call this a trail.

But even still, I felt it was necessary to go on a little hike when we got back to my father in law's place so I hiked up this little hill across from the Paradise Corner Cafe.

The hike goes up this old Jeep road. It's steep and a good workout for the glutes. It is also over 25ยบ cooler up here than it is in the desert. This could become popular with the Bump and Grind crowd if the word gets out although it might be a little too steep for them.

The elevation gain comes quickly although it's only a couple hundred feet. Santa Rosa Mountain is in the background.

Someone built a nice lot up here. The property that this hill is on is for sale at a discounted price of $899,000. I'm glad I'm up here before someone buys it. That should happen any day now. Garner Valley is in the background.

There is a great view from this little hike. You can see several mountains from here including Thomas Mountain although most are shrouded in a thin veil of smoke blowing in from a fire near Lake Castaic. This really was a great day and the Wild Animal Park is a fun outing and a lot of walking. All I'd add are a few more trails like the one at the Living Desert.

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