Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Nikolas and I went to the Tram today with all the tourists. Our time was limited, as usual, since we had to pick up Harrison, who was returning from sports camp. Since we were with the tourists, we decided to take the tourist trail to Desert View.

Before our hike we went over to the Ranger Station and got information about backcountry camping. I want to take the boys on a little backpacking trip in a couple weeks. We walked back by the creek, which is dry.

Nikolas looked like Pigpen walking down the trail. I kept telling him, "Pick up your feet!". Like a 10 year old, he kept ignoring me so I just let him walk ahead. I came up here to get away from stress so I wasn't going to freak out about a little dust on the trail.

The trail is well worn and populated with tourists.

We even past a ranger led nature walk. I've never done one of these up here but I bet it's probably interesting. I'll add it to my agenda.

Here's Long View Dome, the hike I did last weekend. In the background is Santa Rosa Mountain and the Desert Divide.

To get to the view, you have to clamber up some rocks.

Someone put some flags up here from the local car dealer. Actually, I think it's someone's prayer flags. I'd better call the ACLU because I don't think they'd approve of this religious display on public lands. Too bad I didn't bring a knife or I'd cut it down.

A bit more climbing is required to get to the best viewpoint. Let's hope the view is worth the climb.
It is. Time to just sit back, relax and enjoy the view.


darlene said...

the flags were the remnants of the tram's anniversary celebration last month! thank god you didn't have a knife to dismantle could've been arrested. p.s. when i put comments on older posts like this, do you still see them?

Hal Summers said...