Friday, July 3, 2009

Stop Making Sense


Today may have been the hardest hike I have ever done. It was more difficult than any of the peaks I've climbed, tougher than a 25+ mile adventure, more taxing than any rock climb I've ever done. It's not that the hike was any great challenge; I just didn't want to go.

Work today was brutal. With people coming into my hotel for the Fourth of July weekend, I was running around, sweating profusely, all day. When I got off work all I wanted to do is take a cool shower and hit the sack. OK, maybe I'd take time to swill a cold beer, too.

Instead, I went for my hike. I am certainly committed, or should be.

When I started it was still 104ยบ. At least the sweat I've been dripping with all day will have a chance to dry. On top of the heat, there's a brisk wind blowing. Unfortunately, it is more draining than refreshing. It is like a blow dryer in the face.

Looking north, I see some thunderheads and wish they were over here. Perhaps they'd provide some cooling rain. I'd love some rain about now.

I figure I'll walk over to this little peak and hike across the front of it. Seems like something to do. I don't have a lot of cognitive function at this point so if this is a crazy idea I can't tell.

It seems like I'm not the only crazy person hiking out here. There's a trail at the base of this hill. Cool.

It's very well defined so it must been getting a fair amount of usage. I may be crazy but I'm not alone. I guess crazy is the new normal.

I find this little stone circle that someone made. I don't know why.

As I get up the trail I get this idea to climb up this sandy section of the hill. It's a compulsion I just can't say no to. For some reason walking uphill in the sand seems like a good idea right now. I don't know why. It might just kill me at this point but if it doesn't it'll do something. I don't remember that saying but I think it's: "Whatever doesn't kill you, adds to your hospital bill". Something like that.

At least there's a nice view from the top. And getting down might just be fun.

As I head up the wash area I find some old car remnants. This would've been a bad place to run out of gas.

Despite my weariness, it is beautiful and peaceful out. I am thinking about doing a longer hike in the future but not tonight.

I'm thinking about doing a long, hard hike under the full moon. I think it might be fun to hike the Guadalupe Trail to Sugarloaf under a full moon. It's about 16 miles and over 5000 feet of elevation gain. If I started around midnight some evening I could finish it sometime around sunrise. For some reason, that really sounds like a good idea right now, it'd be fun. I guess there is something restorative about hiking because I'd have never thought that if I'd just gone home instead of hiking tonight. I wonder if I can find someone out there crazy enough to go with me.

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darlene said...

this one cracked me up! you're a pretty funny guy! from darlene