Thursday, July 23, 2009



This morning my lovely wife, aka Early Bird, woke me up at six a.m. so I could go out and hike. At 6:30 she came back in a said, "Alright lardass, get your lazy butt out of bed and get moving". OK, she didn't actually say that but her tone did. Or maybe I was just dreaming. Anyway, I got up. The wonderful angel that my wife is, she made coffee but I turned it down. Even though I was going hiking I wasn't quite ready to get up.

I brought Kahlua and headed over to the hills near our house in the La Quinta cove. We were going to head up this steep little trail when a lady was coming down. Instead of hiking away she turned around to head back up. Good exercise for the gluts, I thought. Not that I looked or anything.

As I head across the hill, you will notice from the picture the shadow of the mountain. That is going to be a major requisite for hikes in the desert for the next few months: shade.

I'm going to head down to that little crease where you can see that shade. There's a trail there. Of course to get there I'll have to venture out into the sun. Ugh.

Some people think I'm a bit crazy to go hiking every day and they may have a point but do you know what I think is crazy? Getting up before the sun to go out and play golf. Those people should go see a shrink.

We get to the canyon and go up just a ways. I hear someone calling me and realize it's my pillow so we turn around before reaching the top.

There are lots of ducks along this trail for me to knock over but I don't have the energy. I've been out for an hour and still haven't woken up yet.

The clouds offer some respite from the direct sunlight during the walk back.

Someone built this rock circle and I'm tempted to lay down here and take a little rest but the sun reappears. I'll just have to settle for my own bed instead. Good night!

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