Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cahuilla Mountain Trail


Most of my hikes I do alone. It's tough to get hiking partners when your schedule varies and when you hike in temperatures over 100ยบ. I don't understand why but that's how it is.

Well, I got a friend request on FaceBook from someone I hadn't seen in about eight or nine years and he then asked if he could go along on my hike on Sunday so I was thrilled to have company today. What made it even more enjoyable is that I'd planned on doing a hike neither of us had done and that was at a higher elevation so we wouldn't have to deal with the heat.

After I got off work, we drove up to the town of Anza and went to climb Cahuilla Mountain. This peak is easy to spot when driving Highway 371. Reading the sign, however, is a bit more difficult. Time for a new one, don't you think?

This sign, probably last updated in the 70s, warns you to be cautious on the trail. It also tells me that a lot of people go shooting around here.

Cahuilla Mountain looms overhead. Without a trail it would be unreachable since it is surrounded by impenetrable chaparral.

The trail climbs quickly and you can see how it cuts a swath through the bushes. Without it, this section that we covered in minutes would probably take hours.

Even still, there are a few sections that are overgrown.

Someone doesn't have difficulty moving through the chaparral.

Some steps along the way.

As we get toward the top, the trail goes through classic California Oak Woodland, with Oak interspersed with Pines.

Next to the trail we come across this interesting sign. It looks like it has some spring or shock absorber on it. It's the first sign I've ever seen with used car parts.

Oh SPRING. I get it. This little trail leads to a spring.

Here's the spring. I'm sure this is a very important water source for animals in the area. The trail leading to it has numerous deer tracks on it.

Trees in the area a pockmarked with Wood Pecker holes.

And those holes are filled with acorns being stored for future use.

From the top of the mountain, we get a nice view of Lake Riverside. Mount Palomar is seen in the background.

Here's Cameron at the summit.

Now that we've achieved our summit goal, we can take some time to smell the flowers on the way down.

This is a huge plant, over six feet tall.

It has a beautiful white and green flower on it,

One that bees like very much.

We also spot this delicate little purple flower.

This was a great hike in a great setting with great company. I couldn't have asked for a better day. Thanks, Cameron. Looking forward to our next adventure.

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darlene said...

its great to have a hiking partner every once in a while, huh? i'm glad you guys had a good time. i am definitely gonna check out that cahuilla mountain trail. looks cool. from darlene