Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Midnight at the Oasis


While the full moon was last night/this morning at 2:21 but tonight will be close enough to full for me. I've learned from my earlier full moon excursions and will not be going out too early. Tonight I'll be waiting until the wife and kiddies are in bed and be going out late. I don't know how good of pictures I'll be able to get but the light will be better. No flashlight will be required.

I took this picture of the moon coming up on my way home from work this evening. It will be significantly brighter later.

I'll update later when I get back.

11:51 p.m. Just got back and it was beautiful tonight. The weather was perfect and the light bright and energizing. There was even a nice breeze. My son thought I was crazy when I told him I was going out on a hike and called me and idiot but he's a teenager. I thought my dad was an idiot when I was that age, too. It's part of growing. Of course, if he keeps calling me an idiot, I don't know how much older he'll get but tonight I wasn't too worried about it. I don't need my son's approval to do something.

The moon lit the whole sky. I tried to get a picture of the shadow of the mountains but no luck. If anyone has a Hassleblad they'd like to donate, then I'd be happy to learn how to use it.

I did manage to get a little better picture of the moon with my digital zoom.

There were actually a few other people out enjoying the moonlight. One young couple and some dude just standing staring up at the moon. I didn't want to interrupt either party so I just did my hike and headed back.

The lights of the city below was more memorable than I've been able to collect an image of. Actually, the same thing can be said of the entire evening. It's a wonderful experience walking in the light of the full moon. Next month, why not come along?

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