Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Early Bird and the Old Dog


After last night's late night moonlight hike, I got to bed really late. Then at six a.m. this morning my eye's opened and I was wide awake. Don't ask me why; it doesn't happen very often. The wife noticed that I wasn't snoring as I normally would be at this time of day and suggested I go for my hike. I thought it a good idea especially since the temperature was 71ยบ, perfect.

As I start out the sun is very low on the horizon--causing me to cast a long shadow--and there's a slight breeze. It is actually cooler this morning here than it was the other day in Newport Beach.

It is a beautiful time of day even if I normally don't ever see it.

I am tempted to take the trail to the right but I still have some sleeping to do. After I finish this morning I am planning on going home and hitting the sack.

After heading up the trail a bit, I drop down in the canyon for a nice little loop that I did a couple months ago. I enjoyed it then and I especially enjoy it on this cool morning.

Someone has been here since my last visit and built this little monument.

The little canyon narrows and I keep my eye open for snakes. Thankfully, there are none.

Toward the end I go a different way than the last time I came and see this big pile of boulders. I would imagine there's some work planned on the flood control catch basin. While the desert is dry the vast majority of the time, it is known for cataclysmic storm that can cause incredible damage.

As can be seen by the erosion of this channel. This area was once completely filled in and there is now a gap here that is up to twelve feet deep. I hope we get some storms later this summer because I'd like to see what happens here during a flash flood. Of course, I'll be watching it safely from higher ground.

I had a very pleasant little outing this morning and as the temperatures really heat up in the next couple months I may have to consider becoming a temporary morning person. Of course, after my hike I went home and slept for another couple of hours. This old dog can't change his ways overnight

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