Monday, July 6, 2009

Wasting Time


I grew up in Orange County but I never really hiked there. When I wanted to go hiking, I'd head to the Sierras or some other far away location. I really don't even know of any good hikes there and after today's hike, I still don't.

I looked today's hike up online and it looked promising. There's a nice sign .

There is also a trailhead area with some exhibits and information on the wetlands and the upper Newport Bay area.

What there is not is a trail. There is a road and the only thing resembling a trail is the side of the road. It looks like that is where a lot of people chose to walk. Nikolas prefers walking on the curb but he's 10. When I was 10, I'd have done it, too.

There are also a lot of signs telling you not to leave the road, I mean, ahem, trail.

It is nice to see there are some areas in Orange County that are not developed. The wetlands here host a large breeding area for seabirds.

Like this egret.

The water from the bay replenishes the marsh and brings fish and nutrients to sustain the birds and other wildlife here.

It is a bit distracting, though, to be directly in the flight path of John Wayne Airport.

After hiking about 1 1/2 miles along the side of the road, we come to A REAL TRAIL. Awesome!

The trail wanders back along some trees and under some houses on the bluff and crosses an area where water comes into the bay.

I don't think I'd like to have to drink any of this.

There is a section that has fallen into disrepair and part of the trail that has been given back to the marsh. I wish they'd allow the road to do the same. If they did that this would actually be a nice hike. But as it is, even though I wasn't sitting on the dock of the bay, I still felt like I was wasting time.

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Libby said...

If you had TOLD me you were in Newport, I would have GONE on a couple of nice trails that I discovered here with great views. Thanks, bro!