Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hot On The Trail


Can you imagine what types of hikes I would be able to do if I had no responsibilities and limitless funds? I could hike in the Sierras, Cascades and the Rockies. The Alps, Andes and Himalayas would be just a few of the places I'd visit and be sending pictures home from. Unfortunately, my reality is different. I am stuck here in the desert and not the world traveler I wish I could be. So instead of a hike in a beautiful alpine meadow somewhere in the Pyrenees I did a hike on a rocky alluvial fan in 110ยบ+ weather. Imagine my glee.

I went with Kahlua to go and look for another place to go hiking with dogs. We scouted the alluvial fan on the west side of the La Quinta Cove beneath Indio Mountain.

It's HOT! I feel like these Palo Verde Trees.

One way to hike in the desert in the summer is to limit your exposure and to move slow. It's a new experience for me since I'm known as a fast hiker. However, moving slow allows me to really think about the surroundings and where a trail might go here.

This probably will not be the way the trail goes. There is an area that bypasses these large boulders to the left but it's more fun to scramble up the rocks so that's what we do.

There's not any trail to be found here but it is obvious that someone has been this way before. Why would someone come up here? I have no idea.

This canyon looks like it goes quite a way into the hill and might be fun to explore. Fun when the weather cools down, of course. Right now fun is not really what I'd call hiking here.

Whoever was up here before had too much time. They built this cairn and a couple others as well. I have no idea why since there's no trail to be found here.

A trail might go this way making a loop possible.

This wash makes going back much easier than walking up the rocky bajada. It's not the Alps but I think it'll make a good place to walk the dog. Kahlua agrees but I think she's done for the day. So am I.

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