Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Resting Up


I've got a couple of longer adventures planned this coming week--20+ miles each--so I'll be doing a few shorter hikes in order to rest up. This morning I set the alarm for six in order to beat the heat. When I looked at the outside temperature and it was only 78º I thought maybe I can sleep a little longer. So I asked the wife to wake me in a half an hour. When she did I saw the temperature was only 84º so I dozed off again. I finally rolled out of the sack at around 7:30 and hit the trail around 8. It's still under 90º so I'm good.

Now the signs here in La Quinta can be confusing. This one says the Boo Hoff Trail is 7.5 miles and it's also a loop that's 12 miles. Or is the Boo Hoff 7.5 and the Lake Trail--whatever trail that is--4.5? Or is the Boo Hoff 7.5 and then loop ANOTHER 12? It's a good thing I don't really follow these signs or I'd be in trouble.

The soon to be Kahlua Trail is going to be along the base of this mountain but I'm too late to do it in the shade and besides Kahlua's at home. She likes sleeping in, too.

When the Kahlua Trail gets done, it'll be better than this. Do we really need two trails up this little saddle?

As I hike up to overlook the Quarry Golf Club, there are a few trail monuments and rock piles which may be graves. I have been told that these large circular rock piles once held ollas and were water caches for the Indians. It makes sense because this was a main thoroughfare for the Indians and there wasn't a lot of water around certain times of the year (like now).

Here's a bit larger of a hole and hollow rock mound.

Here's the overlook to the Quarry and my turnaround point. I don't want to aggravate a little shin splint that's starting to flare up. Of course there's not a sign to tell me how far I've come but even if there were I still wouldn't know.

On the way back I follow a line of rock piles but never find a real discernible trail.

That is, until this one. I get done at about 9:30 and it's still not bad, under 100º. And I still have time for a nap before work.

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